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Yoga is a science as well as an art of healthy leaving. It is no way limited by race, age, sex, religion, caste, creed, and any other boundaries

Medicine has moved from organism to organ and from organ to cell and from cell to molecular properties. Despite spectacular bio-medical advances and massive expenditure, the Death rate and the life expectancy in the country have remained unchanged. Medicine, as practiced has begun to be questioned and criticized. High technology medicine seems to be getting out of hand and leading health systems in wrong directions. There is an increasing concern about the cost and allocation of health resources, but the efficacy of Modern medicine is fundamentally questioned through various points of view. Contemporary medicine is no longer solely an art and science for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is also science for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. With increasing recognition on the failure of existing health services to provide health care, Alternative ideas and methods to provide health care have been considered.

The tradition of Yoga was born in India several thousand years ago. Its founders were great Saints and Sages. The great Yogis gave rational interpretation of their experiences about yoga and brought a practically sound and scientifically prepared method with in every one's reach. Yoga philosophy is an art of living in tune with the UNIVERSE as well as art of healthy living physically, Mentally, Morally and Spiritually.

Yoga means a holistic approach towards the cause and treatment of Disease. According to yoga most of the disease Mental, Psychosomatic and Physical originate in mind through wrong of thinking, living and eating which is caused by attachment.

Maharishi Patanjali rightly called As the FATHER OF YOGA. In recent times there is a growing awareness among the people about the efficacy and utility of Yoga and Nature cure in keeping one fit at Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual planes. These systems are emerging as the effective methods and means to improve the total personality and to build a healthy society. Above all these systems are adopted as a way of life rather than a mode of treatment.

All the system of medicine at their best aim at curing the diseases whereas Yoga aims at preventing the diseases and promoting health by reconditioning the psycho- physiological mechanism of the individual.

The basic approach of yoga is to correct the life style by cultivating a rational positive and spiritual attitude towards all life situations and can be practiced by those who seek an education on better living and those who want to have a more meaningful life.
      A set of Asanas, Mudras, and Pranayamas practiced with faith , perseverance and insight rejuvenates the Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, Bowels, Nerves, Muscles, Tissues and Glands of the body by ensuring Oxygenated and balanced blood supply, kindles up the appetite, bestows control over seminal fluid, senses and mind imparts increased vitality , vigour, & longevity to the practitioner.

Yoga emphasizes on the development of brotherhood, harmony, fraternity and equality not only towards all human beings irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, age and sex but towards all living beings also. Yoga aims at bringing under perfect control of the Mind, Senses, and pranic energy and direct them towards healthier channels with a view to acquire Mental purity, intellectual stability and Spiritual bliss.

Dr. Satish Shamlalji Bhattad
Dr. Mrs. Suchita Bhattad

Our goal is to work on the principals of Ayurveda, to see that the healthy live healthy life and the diseased are relieved of their diseases with an expectation to see a society with its members having.