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also called ‘blood letting’, it is one of the easiest and best of Panchakarmas.

It is of two types :

    Generalised – using surgical needles and
    Particular – involving the use of Leeches

Ayurveda advices even healthy persons to undergo raktamokshan as a preventive measure and to stay healthy – generally during September / October in India. For patients with specific problems, it is done as and when required. 


Toxins present in the gastro-intestinal tract are absorbed into the blood and circulated throughout the body. This condition is called toxemia, which is the basic cause of repeated infections, hypertension and certain other circulatory conditions. This includes repeated attacks of skin disorders such as urticaria, rashes, herpes, eczema, acne, scabies, leukoderma, chronic itching or hives. In such conditions, along with internal medication, elimination of the toxins and purification of the blood is necessary. Raktamokshan is also indicated for cases of enlarged liver, spleen and gout.


Raktamokshan is advised in case of : 

Headache, Migraine
Scabies, Psoriasis or any kind of skin disease
Diabetes Ulcers


Internal snehana is given for the first 3-7 days, sometimes swedan is also given.
50 to 80 ml of blood is let out by any of the two methods described above.  
In the generalised  method, (using surgical needles) blood is let out from cubital vein or a vein nearer the affected part of the body. 
In the particular method, (using leeches) leeches are applied to the affected parts. It has been proved that leeches are non-toxic and that they suck only impure blood. The saliva of leeches contain anti-coagulants (hirudine) so it helps in liquefying the blood and thus help against cardiac blocks. 
Contra-Indications for Raktamokshan:
anemia edema weakness children below 15 years, old age during pregnancy and during menstruation  
Note: Blood-letting is an illegal procedure within the Unites States.

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