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Due to the changing lifestyles and media’s glorification of the bold and beautiful, people want to look young and beautiful. Pollution and tense lifestyle further aggravate the problem.

Manufacturers capitalize on this craving of youngsters. They manufacture, advertise and sell their products under the banner of herbal products. It is necessary that we realize that many of these so called beauty problems are related to the malfunctioning of our systems or some problems that are within. Untill we have a healthy body, we cannot expect to have healthy skin,complexion or hair for that matter!

 The following time-tested products are made by us and  are available for sale:

Ayurvedic natural shampoo
Masaj taila (oil) for healthy skin
Oil for a wrinkle free skin
Face packs
Totally natural lipstick and hair remover.
Chavyanprash avaleha

Dr. Satish Shamlalji Bhattad
Dr. Mrs. Suchita Bhattad

Our goal is to work on the principals of Ayurveda, to see that the healthy live healthy life and the diseased are relieved of their diseases with an expectation to see a society with its members having.