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Some diseases are not responded any other method then Agnikarma is having very good results . Agnikarma means Cauterisation but this procedure is based on Ayurvedic Principal

The aim of this study was to develop an agni-karma-shalaka the Instrument and to study the result of agni karma the noninvasive method of treating surgical diseases in different-vataj kaphj diseases especially in those patients where non invasive modality of treatment is preferred compared to the peon surgical method of treatment.

Describing agnikarma chikitsa sushruta has said that those diseases which are not curable by Surgery, kshar karma or medicine [Bhaishaj Karma] can beneficially be treated by agnikarma. such successfully treated diseases have no recurrence or has rare recurrence.

In recent past due to the fear of complication of burn wounds and loss of confidence regarding its usefulness this method of treatment was neglected in spite Of its unique advantages To overcome these difficulties regarding agnikarma a proper instrument was needed to be developed and the method to induce samyaka dagdha vrana was needed to be decided. A samyaka dagdha vrana can be defined to be the vrana which is free from complication Which are likely to occur due to burn wounds and has only mild burning pain.


AFTER DIFFERENT trials ultimately the three metal shalaka was devised and I performed agnikarma chikitsa by this shalaka with encouraging result in vata vyadhi, Sciatica frozen shoulder dry eczematous lesion, acute and chronic painful condition of joints and soft tissues ,cervical and Lumbar Spondilytis, corn , keloid calcaneal spar etc. and specially in patients where NSAIDS are to be avoided in old age where joint pain is a day to day problem to be attended without any complications.
All these were keenly observe studied judged by doing practical work . 
Initially different types of Metal Shalaka were used for AgniKarma but ultimately the three Dhatu Shalaaka consisting of Swarna (Gold ) Tamra (copper) and Rajata (Silver) Was devised and was found to give excellent desired results.

According to ayurvedic Concepts at the time of the beginning of the disease the dosha, due to kapha-vaigunnya get collected in the dushya (diseased tissue) and then the dosha give its guna (Properties ) to the dushya (tissue) this transfer of properties (guna) is Termed as Dosha dusha sammurchhana (pathogenesis ) .) .
The following Diseases were treated by above technique and we got the results as noted below


Diseases Treated

Results in percentages











Sacralitation And Lumber Spondylisis



Calcaneum Spur



Thrombosed Piles






Dry Eczema  


Thus we are able to produce good and encouraging results by Agnikarma Chikitsa as shone above.

Agnikarma is contraindicated in patients who has Raktapittadosha or has multiple boils ,Heat Like Summer is also contraindication but in case of emergency Rutu, Kall, Bal & Awastha of Diseases is to be considered and Agnikarma is performed.

Dr. Satish Shamlalji Bhattad
Dr. Mrs. Suchita Bhattad

Our goal is to work on the principals of Ayurveda, to see that the healthy live healthy life and the diseased are relieved of their diseases with an expectation to see a society with its members having.