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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian Medical Sciance as old as his civilization The Root of “Ayurveda” are traced to “Atharveda”Which represents one of the earliest treatises of Knowledge of the human race. Ayurveda essentially is " The Sciance Of Life " It tells us how to live a healthy life .

Health- to Be healthy the body as well as the mind need to be kept fit . Ayurveda helps man to a achive pronation of health through

    1] Environment friendliness
    2]Clean Personal Habits
    3] Socio Economic Balance
    4] Therapeutic And Prophylactic Medication


The Entire Science of Ayurveda is based on the PANCHABHOOTA [the five Great Element] theory. All matter in universe including tissues and organs are made up of five elements Earth,[Prithvi],Water [Jal], Fire [Agni], Air [Vayu], Space [Aakash]. The fundamental function of the human body are performed by three doshas [Humors], Seven Dhatus [Tissues]and three Malas [Metabolic end products] . The Doshas are Vata, Pitta, Kapha

1. Vata

Vata- Responsible for all movements of the body and carrying out the neurological and endocrinological activity. Physically such people are either very tall or very short, non-muscular, with thin and bony limbs and have a quick gait with short fast steps. Skin is generally thin, darkish and cool. The hair is thin, dark, coarse and either kinky or curly. The face is usually long and angular, often with an underdeveloped chin. The neck is thin and scrawny.Nose is small and narrow. May be long, crooked or asymmetrical also. Eyes tend to be small, narrow or sunken, dark brown or gray in color, with dull luster. The mouth being small, with thin, narrow or tight lips. Teeth are irregular, protruding, or broken, set in receding gums. And while the voice is weak, low or cracked, speech is fast with interruptions.

Vata Prakruti Person is having following characters


2. Pitta

itta Closely identified with Agni [Bodies Vital heat] . and responsible for all metabolic activities. A moderately well developed physique with muscular limbs and a purposeful, stable gait of medium speed. With a loud, strong voice and precise, convincing speech. The skin is fair, soft, lustrous, warm, and tends to burn easily in the sun – has freckles, many moles, and a tendency to rashes. And the bodies are hot and sweaty. Characterized by fine and soft, either fair or reddish hair that tends to gray soon. Face is heart-shaped, often with a pointed chin. While the neck is proportionate and of average size. A neat, pointed, and average sized nose matches the average sized eyes that are either light blue, light gray or hazel in color, with an intense luster which get red in summer or after bathing. The mouth being medium, with average lips and medium-sized, yellowish teeth.

Generally Pitta Prakruti Person Having Following Character

Enthusiasm for knowledge

Pittas have an intellectual and precise disposition due to a very alert, focused mind. Sharp and knife-like in anger, they are irritable, jealous and aggressive by nature. Discriminating and judgmental, they are articulate, learned and proud. With a developed sense of responsibility, they can take decisions and organize affairs well. Argumentative, but with a sense of humor, their selectively excellent memory makes them fast learners. Moderately passionate in their sexual pursuits, they spend moderately, usually on luxuries.

3. Kapha

Responsible For the Structural integrity of the body. A thick, broad, well-developed frame and large, long limbs go well with a pleasant, deep and resonant voice with low, slow, rhythmic speech. The skin is usually thick, oily, pale or white and cold. Plentiful, thick, wavy, lustrous and generally brown hair is set on a large, rounded and full face. The neck is solid, with a near tree-trunk quality. A large, rounded nose and large, attractive, blue or light brown in color eyes are found in a mouth that is large with big, full lips. Teeth too are big and white and set in strong gums.

Generally Kaph Prakruti Person having following characters

Grounded ness
Sense of being nourished

Kapha predominated people are calm, steady, considerate - stable, patient personalities they are slow to anger. Not easily provoked, once angry they do not calm down easily. They are honorable, true to their word and avoid lies. Loyal, forgiving and understanding, they can be lethargic, even lazy, if not driven by others. Learning may be slow but memory will be strong. Excellent in logical analysis, they take time before reaching conclusions. Long hours of deep sleep and a strong, enduring sex drive come naturally. While they do save money, it does get spent on food. And there can at times be an element of dullness, given that a kapha mind is usually too content to seek fresh mental stimulation.

All fundamental function of body are perform by the action of Tridoshas Hence they are sit as a basic function units or operative forces of body.

Structure Units are called Dhatus Metabolic end product is malas of Doshas and Dhatus Dosha Dhatu And Mala triyo is harmony in healthy body . Discourance between them manifest it selves as Disease

Dr. Satish Shamlalji Bhattad
Dr. Mrs. Suchita Bhattad

Our goal is to work on the principals of Ayurveda, to see that the healthy live healthy life and the diseased are relieved of their diseases with an expectation to see a society with its members having.