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Complicated Cases Of Fistula

These are the cases who had undergone previous unsuccessful Operations for their Fistula. On fistulography the tract appear high resorted. Healing has been the main problem in these cases with profuse discharge giving rise to unhealthy granulation. So extra cauterization is necessary

Case 1

Mr. Abc- 42 yrs old male had fistulain ano for four years and during this period he had undergone three unsuccessful surgical operations for Fistula in ano. He Was reffered to the ksharsutra clinic by his surgeon. His fistulogram shows a long and thick tract which is bifurcated before opening at the ano-rectal junction. The fistula is situated on right side with external opening at 5 o’clock position . There was thick and purulent discharge following from the fistula in huge quantity. 

          The Ksharsutra was applied on 8/12/01993. cutting has been very good and gradual. It was noticed on 4 th setting. After 8 th settings an opening again appeared on the previously cut scar line suggesting potency of the tract. A thread was reapplied through this opening . It took 45 weeks for this case to heal. The length of first thread was 15 cms.

Case 2

Mr. DEF- An old man of 65 yrs of age . He was taken surgical treatment from two different Chandasi Doctors. He had a fistula for four years and after that the disease is cured now. But six months latter the sinus again started discharging. So patient was again under gone surgical method. And the same thing was repeated. One And half Months later the fistula healed and remained silent for one year approximately. One day the patient noticed a swelling at the same site . The external opening is situated at 8 o’clock position. In Fistulogram, The Fistula which looked simple in the A.P. view became complicated in the lateral view. 

          The Ksharsutra was applied on 10/7/1994 and the entire fistula look as long as 20 sittings. The recurrence was not seen during a follow up of up to 2003.

Case 3

Mr. GHT aged 70 yrs male had a fistula for one and half year and had under gone one surgical operation without any success. The post surgical recurrence was noted with in six months. He came for the treatment in our hospital because some one advised who had taken treatment for his Fistula some time  back. The external opening was presently situated at 7 o’clock.  It appeared that there was large cavity full of pus. The Fistulography was done .In the A.P. view a large cavity was  seen on the right side which is extending much below the level  of external opening. From the upper surface of the cavity two curved tracts seen. They are joined in cavity. A curved probe  was passed down words through the external opening was created at o’clock position.

          The KsharSutra applied externally skin to skin and Ksharsutra was also applied on both tracts.  The cavity was packed with Jatyadi tail+ Nimb Kshar every day for 2 weeks After two week the debridement has been very effective And healing process was good. For healing of cavity 8 weeks was taken. There after cutting and healing went side by side. The skin – skin thread came out in the fourteen weeks.  And other two tracks take 32 weeks and healing has been excellent. The patient was examined at regular follow up periods and no recurrence up to 8 years. one yearof its of its onset , he attended a surgeon where doctor operated his fistula.  The patient rested assured

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Dr. Mrs. Suchita Bhattad

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